Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Term 1 2009

This term Year 5 did a lot of different activities. These included Camp at Living Springs, sailing, Mathematics Interchange, writing about mythological creatures, a unit about Bullying and doing aerobics, Year 5 style, which they do inside if the weather is bad. In Week 2 Year 5 went to camp at Living Springs for three days. They did heaps of fun activities, for example: "Make me Beautiful" where you use plastic bags, foil etc to make an outfit for your group's model. They also milked cows by hand, got dogs to speak, rode on horses, sheared sheep, fed farm animals and had a chariot ride. They had turns to go on the frightening monorail and the night rope trail, played the shoe the horse game, newspaper hockey and games with a parachute. Other activities included the scavenger hunt, initiative activities, orienteering, compass work, boffer game, an uphill walk to Camp, Mass and of course the Camp Concert. All in three days! This term they also went sailing at Lake Rua and had swimming lessons at Aquagym. Year 5's Term 1 sounds really fun-filled.
Rebecca Tang

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