Monday, June 20, 2011

Year 5's Newest Blog

Kia ora everyone and welcome to year 5's blog.

This week we are learning to write explanations. We have been explaining a crazy inventors room. Team 5 also made titles for the room such as the mechanical sleepinginator,Zany helpers and the Remarkable invention.

P.E has us all out enjoying ourselves whatever the weather with spongeball,Alpha Gymnastics,aerobics and skipping.

Wacky hair and mufti day is always fun and this year there were lots of crazy hair styles -including Mrs G-C with bright pink and green pigtails and Mrs Clark with a crazy wig and sunglasses!!!!!!=) =)

We started the week with two large earthquakes meaning that unfortunately school had to close early on Monday. It was a magnitude 5.7. There was not much damage luckily and we are all okay. About an hour later we had a 6.3. =( =( =(

We have been learning the ukulele. We have learned the cords F, C and G7 while we are singing songs. Mrs G-C took photos playing the ukuleles for our portfolios and for a classroom display. We all looked very cute. Please come into our classroom to check these photos out!

Even though we have had shakey times Team 5 are all okay and all having fun.

Keep watching for further information about our survival kits!! =) =) =)

By Nikita and Ella S

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Year 5's Update

Kia ora and welcome to Year 5's blog.

This term we have been doing lots of interesting projects, for instance we have been going to Impact Alpha for gymnastics, taught by the wonderful QE2 teachers. We have been learning fun techniques for a variety of activities.

We have also been working hard in our instructional writing. We have done lots of hands on activities such as making lolly cake, creating our own chunky chalk and playing the chocolate game. We have been focusing on the structure of instructions and how we need to use imperative verbs and adverbs.
We have also been doing middle syndicate maths interchange, learning different strategies of multiplication.

Both of us think that the most interesting thing we have been doing so far is our first topic for the term, which is a technology unit on survival kits. We have been doing research on constructing our own kid's survival kit, which we are going to sell to our stakeholders the St Michael's pupils. We have decided which items need to be in each kit and have researched the price that we can purchase the items for. At the moment we are designing our logo which we will use not only on our product, but also on any advertising or notices.

By Ella C and Vincent

Coming soon - read what Year 5 has been up to!

Thursday, May 20, 2010

In Year 5 we have been studying magnets and experimenting with light and we having been investigating where does it go when the lights get turned out. This term we are going to Gymnastics on Thursday afternoons. We have been making chalk and learning how to write instructions. You make chalk out of plaster of paris, dye and water. We are having a fun term and everyone is happy and working well.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Year 5's Report!

Year 5's highlight of the year so far has been going to camp at Living Springs from Wednesday to Friday in Week 2. At camp there was an adventure playground, bush walks and a broken flying fox. On the second day of camp we went sailing at Lake Rua. I sailed out to the markers and back to the mini beach of rocks where my classmates were waiting to catch the Optimist. Wone's boat got caught by Grace M when it came up to the beach of stones, and she accidentally fell out. 
We also had the swimming sports on Thursday in Week 4. 
Our Topic for this term is Antarctica. We have been watching a movie called Icebound with the penguins jumping up onto the ice, and the seal trying to catch them and eat them when they jump out of the water. It has been a great success.

By Myah Klinkenberg

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Term 4 Update

This term year five is studying Diwali. They recently made Rangoli patterns which are symmetric/geometric designs using coloured salt. A big event this term was the school athletics which was held at Christ College. Where they competed in a array of events including; Open 1200/open 1000,80m,60m,50m,100m,high jump ,long jump and softball throw. Many of them were selected to compete in the Independent Zone Sports. This has been said by our sports master to be the hardest zone in Canterbury. Also the annual speech and poetry competition is coming up and the students have been working very hard to be selected from their class to compete against other students from other classes in the school. Overall Year 5 has been very busy this Term so far and will keep up the good work!
By Davis Gale

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Term 1 2009

This term Year 5 did a lot of different activities. These included Camp at Living Springs, sailing, Mathematics Interchange, writing about mythological creatures, a unit about Bullying and doing aerobics, Year 5 style, which they do inside if the weather is bad. In Week 2 Year 5 went to camp at Living Springs for three days. They did heaps of fun activities, for example: "Make me Beautiful" where you use plastic bags, foil etc to make an outfit for your group's model. They also milked cows by hand, got dogs to speak, rode on horses, sheared sheep, fed farm animals and had a chariot ride. They had turns to go on the frightening monorail and the night rope trail, played the shoe the horse game, newspaper hockey and games with a parachute. Other activities included the scavenger hunt, initiative activities, orienteering, compass work, boffer game, an uphill walk to Camp, Mass and of course the Camp Concert. All in three days! This term they also went sailing at Lake Rua and had swimming lessons at Aquagym. Year 5's Term 1 sounds really fun-filled.
Rebecca Tang