Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Year 5's Farm Visit

At last the glorious day came to leave school and go to Living Springs camp for three days.All of Year 5 were really excited about going to camp. But before we left the school Mrs.Holmes told us the rules, the things wewould be doing and which groups we would be in. Finally Year 5 went outside and gotinto their groups. Karenia, Madeline, Yu-Jin and I were all in the same car with Karenia's Mum.
When we got to the Living Springs farm we had morning tea. The farm helpers had provided punch and Oscar's Grandmother had made some biscuits. First we got to feed some of the animals at the farm and see if we could spot any eels in the creek. I remembered some of the animals from a previous visit - the donkey, miniature pony and the Clydesdale.
Next there came the sheep shearing. I had really enjoyed the sheep shearing the last time I went to the farm so I was looking forward to it. Some of the class got to have a go at shearing but I was not chosen. After that we were shown how to milk a cow. Again we got to have turns at milking and this time I was chosen. Squeezing the cow's udder felt weird.
Sadly we only had an hour at the farm, an hour which went quickly. I enjoyed the farm and hope to go again next year.

Saskia Klinkenberg

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