Monday, June 20, 2011

Year 5's Newest Blog

Kia ora everyone and welcome to year 5's blog.

This week we are learning to write explanations. We have been explaining a crazy inventors room. Team 5 also made titles for the room such as the mechanical sleepinginator,Zany helpers and the Remarkable invention.

P.E has us all out enjoying ourselves whatever the weather with spongeball,Alpha Gymnastics,aerobics and skipping.

Wacky hair and mufti day is always fun and this year there were lots of crazy hair styles -including Mrs G-C with bright pink and green pigtails and Mrs Clark with a crazy wig and sunglasses!!!!!!=) =)

We started the week with two large earthquakes meaning that unfortunately school had to close early on Monday. It was a magnitude 5.7. There was not much damage luckily and we are all okay. About an hour later we had a 6.3. =( =( =(

We have been learning the ukulele. We have learned the cords F, C and G7 while we are singing songs. Mrs G-C took photos playing the ukuleles for our portfolios and for a classroom display. We all looked very cute. Please come into our classroom to check these photos out!

Even though we have had shakey times Team 5 are all okay and all having fun.

Keep watching for further information about our survival kits!! =) =) =)

By Nikita and Ella S

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