Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Year 5's Report!

Year 5's highlight of the year so far has been going to camp at Living Springs from Wednesday to Friday in Week 2. At camp there was an adventure playground, bush walks and a broken flying fox. On the second day of camp we went sailing at Lake Rua. I sailed out to the markers and back to the mini beach of rocks where my classmates were waiting to catch the Optimist. Wone's boat got caught by Grace M when it came up to the beach of stones, and she accidentally fell out. 
We also had the swimming sports on Thursday in Week 4. 
Our Topic for this term is Antarctica. We have been watching a movie called Icebound with the penguins jumping up onto the ice, and the seal trying to catch them and eat them when they jump out of the water. It has been a great success.

By Myah Klinkenberg

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